Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial

I love mercury glass.  I love that old, vintage, worn out shine.  I don't love the mercury, I mean who wants to be mad as a hatter?  Not me!

I fell in love with these oversized hurricane lanterns from Mythology--but it's $140 for ONE.  ummmm...not in my budget.  And even if it was, why would I pay $140 for something that will probably be broken by a soccer ball flying through the house??

So I found my own glass hurricane lanterns at Goodwill for $2.99 each.  the are perfect!!  Big and oversized, just begging to be mercurized!  I hopped over to Hobby Lobby and picked up a can of Krylon Looking Glass Paint.  Now I'm set!

Check out the video tutorial and you'll be turning every piece of clear glass you own into Fauz Mercury Glass!


  1. That was wonderful! You make everything seem so clear and easy, I really want to have a go! Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  2. have you ever done this on a sold (not clear) surface. I want to try it on a ceramic lamp base and wondering since its burgundy, perhaps I should give it a black coat first

  3. Hmmm...I don't know if it would give the same effect but it's worth a shot!