DIY: Laundry Room Lost & Found

We have an epidemic in our Laundry Room.  It's the epidemic of lost socks.  I swear the dryer eats them!  I decided that a little laundry room revamp was in order and it starts with a place to keep those little lost socks--that multiply!

All the little single socks end up collecting dust while hanging out on top of the dryer--either that or they just end up getting really lost.

I started with a scrap piece of wood that was lying around in the garage.  Hope they hubby doesn't need it for anything!  It's mine now!!

I sanded down the edges and a few of the rough areas.  Easy, peasy.  I covered the entire board in a pretty beachy shade of blue.  It reminds of clean.  In a laundry room....clean is good.

The color is Ocean Breeze and the brand is craft smart, which is you can grab at Michaels!

I used my silhouette and some vinyl to create a silk screen stencil.  If you've never created a silk screen, check out my previous post (the one right before this) and it will give you what you need! 

I didn't have an embroidery hoop large enough to fit this screen, so I had a few leaks with my white paint.  I used a bit of spray adhesive to stick the stencil down while I applied the paint.

See where the paint leaked a bit???
No worries, a few cotton swabs and some water cleaned up the lines in a jiff!

I had these adorable vintage style clips in my scrap stash and decided they would be perfect to clip the socks to!

Once my paint was dry, I gave the board a little sanding to distress it and sealed it with some acrylic matte sealer.

Originally, I thought I would screw in the little clips--only I couldn't quite get a screw driver in the tiny little space.  Instead I used industrial adhesive E-6000 which you can pick up at your local craft store.  This stuff is the most amazing glue!  Be careful, you can glue your fingers together!!!  Be sure to use in a well ventilated area!!

And here's my little Laundry Redeaux!  I also hung a couple of clothes pin canvas that I snagged at Hobby Lobby on Clearance!  I love 90% off!!!!
What do you think????

I love my Laundry soap jars.  Anyone interested in my Laundry soap recipe??
I'll do a little video tutorial next time I make some, one batch lasts us a few months :)
Happy Crafting!!

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