The One With the Old School Desk

I picked this little guy up at a thrift store months and months ago.  I wanted to paint it for my son, who's room is eventually going to be all vintage transportation--cars, trains, trucks,etc.  I never intended to have to scrape gum off the bottom of a desk.....again. :)

On the bottom this goodie was marked "University of Texas"---COOL! So, back to painting. I took off all the seat and desk portions and decided to give this a vintage muscle car feel. I spray painted this guy Cherry Red--a glossy awesome finish.

Still, it needed more.  I used some painters tape and some white gloss spray paint for a racing stripe down the middle of the desk seat.  I used some AWESOME chalkboard paint and painted the desk so that little man can write all over the desk!  I used a high density foam roller and did three coats--allowing it to dry completely between coats.

I am so thrilled with how this turned out!  Hopefully little man will like it just as much as I do!!

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